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Total Count: 170 Containers
Overall Rating: 238.07/295 possible Stars or about 4 Stars

These should take you to near the begining of the section listed. I had to group by brand so some are mixed. They start where the first one is visible.
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Hello, my name is Nick and my section is the soda section. I first started with A&W Root Beer, and it kicked off. It started out as a Root Beer collection but expaned to RB and Creams, then to nostalgic sodas then to sodas in general. The "all soda" factor was only added recently so I know half of the obvious ones aren't there, so just hang on until I get them. As for the JB designation, JB stands for "Jerry's Basement" which Tim and I coined for very small companies. I'll admit it actually started from the admiration of my brother's energy drink collection. But now, with over 100 sodas and related products, my collection is becoming one of the biggest collections I've ever had. What to watch out for; Nearly none are fully completed, grammer... Also, I have never won any awards for my photography so bare with me. Now, sure, they're not all sodas, (for example, Barq's Root Beer Chapstick and A&W Jelly Beans) but I favor completion over purism. Now my personal rating will be highlighted in red on a five star system. I hope you enjoy my collection as much as I have. DIG IN!
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Boylan-Boylans was one of my favorites. Sticking to the classics with a good ol' fashion printed label and a great taste. The Flavors are Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Cream Soda, Orange 'n' Cream, Grape, Birch Beers, Black Cherry, Ginger Ale and many I don't have yet. These were some of the best-5 Stars

IBC (Indepentdent Brewing Companies)-IBC accomplishes a very dark flavor in both their Cream Soda, their Black Cherry and their Root Beer.I also did enjoy the fact that they're the only non-energy sodas and more specifically root beer in a 16 oz. can. However even though you can't really go wrong with a root beer, it seemed almost near average-4.99 Stars

Snow-Mint Soda. Right there. I have to apprectiate the idea but yuk! Some new flavors have been added: Whiteout Peach, Cranberry-Lime Chill, and Ice Green Tea-Light But I stick with my desision. They all tasted just like the mint with some flavor extra. The best one was the Peach but still. Even for a JB, definitely not the best I've ever had -3 Stars

Goya-I know what you're thinking; what are rice people doing making soda? I was suprised too. But these were AMAZING! So far I have Strawberry and Cola Champagne. A perfect balance af sweetness, sourness, carbonation, and everything else in both. I know what your thinknig and it's not actually champagne (I hope) but was like the best cream soda you ever tasted with a unexplainable kick at the end. I can't wait to find others! I recomend this to everyone with a mouth-5 Stars

Polar "Classics"-These are from the Polar beverage company but will remain seperate because they are "classic." It was an Orange Cream that I got at Price Chopper and am subtley pleased with them for beafn' their soda selection. very good-5 Stars

Olde Philadelphia-Like I said before, this brewery also makes the Lion Brewery root beer. And also once again, there is not much to say, despite what they say, it is more of a Birch Beer than it is a root beer. Another JB classifier (explained above). Still, the best-5 Stars

Hank's- Hank's is another JB soda. I found it randomly in a gas station in New York. The Root Beer was ideal, but the Cream Soda and the Orange 'n' Cream were too, dare I say, creamy. A little too much vanilla. As for the Black Cherry, it's black cherry, what can you do?...Now, because of these minor faults, it gets a moderate 4.5 Stars
Maine Root-I don't actually know how big this company is but I've never seen it. For now it's a JB. A relative brought these to me from Texas. What I wonder is why does Texas have Maine's soda when I in PA don't. These were quite good and very true flavors. They were Root Beer, Ginger "Brew", and my first ever Sarsaparilla so I'm afraid I have nothing to base my jurisdiction off of. The root beer was rich, the ginger, spicy and the sasaparilla, another mega cream. WOW-5 Stars
Jones (again) Candy-These have grown big enough to put by themselves and out of Odds and Ends. There flavors are Berry Lemonade, Cream Soda, Orange and Cream, and Green Apple. Modeled off the classic Jones flavors (though half of which I despise but still respect) these tasted good but I hate the Co2 in candy. I can not and will not punish them for my own beliefs so-4.5 Stars
Jones/Naturals-These are made by the Jones soda co. but are uncarbonated juices. I got them purely based on brand. Jones is one of my favorite brands. Bigger than Coke but less known. Well, they were fantastic! I suggest these to anyone who wants to loose weight but wants to eat real food. No added sugars! There was Limes with Orange, Bananaberry, Bohemian Raspberry (Green Tea and Raspberry), D'Peach Mode (Peach and Tangelo), and Strawberry Manilow (Strawberry and other berries), (get it, ha ha ha). Even though juices aren't exactly my thing, they were great! As a juice-4.7 Stars
Canada Dry-I got one of these at a New Year's party. It was for mixing. It's Ginger Ale. What are you going to do?-4 Stars

Kutztown-These JBs were GREAT! The Root, Birch, and Ginger Beers were amazing. And the Black Cherry was the best I've ever had! Even with 24 oz. the bottles weren't big enough! -5 Stars

Fresca-Citris-3 Stars

A&W-You all know good ol' A&W. Well Alan and White didn't do so bad with the Cream Soda and their Root Beer. A little overated but quite good-4 Stars

Crystal Club-To start with, Birchola is their because it is Crystal Club's Birch Beer, as is Draft their root beer (coming soon). Well, the Oranges were very good but quite average in the same way -3.8 Stars

Cherikee Red-First off, it is not my intension to offend anyone of a Native American orieation yada yada yada. This was very good. I've always hated the black cherries but this regular Cherry gave me a new outlook. Very sweet but not too sweet (Jones). Good Job-4.5 Stars

Sweet Valley-Sweet Valley is the house brand of some store, I don't know what. But the flavors were Root Beer, Cola, "Citris Zip", and "Dr. Dazzle." The root beer was pretty good but wierd after a while. The cola is a wannabe RC (not a high bar to reach) and the others where just what you think-Dr. Pepper and Sprite. They did do a pretty good job though. I also enjoyed the fact that they have different color schemes for each can. Beautiful for a house brand-4.5 Stars
Shasta-It was average. Something you might drink at college (cheap) besides beer. They had Cola and an Orange. The orange looked a little too healthy. Not the worst-4 Stars

Dr. Brown's-When I first saw this in a Giant supermarket, I passed it off as a cheap Dr. Pepper nockoff. But when I read "Reminisant of Dr. Browns", I knew this JB had to be mine. So, while in NYC, we visited a local deli and got this Black Cherry. One of the best black cherries ever!-5 Stars

Barq's-Barq's was my very first Root Beer and my first Red Cream Soda. The "red" is strwberry if you don't know. The root beer was actually quite bichy. A good mix.I remember my first full 12-pack. Ah, the good ol' days. The chapstick tasted like Root Beer but is still weird -5 Stars

Walmart/Sam's Club-It may not say Walmart on the front but this is its house brand. This Ginger Ale was perculiar, it had the taste and spice of ginger beer, but the subtlety of ginger ale. Root Beer was different... Very different-4 Stars

Schweppes-First off, I'd like to mention that Schweppes is the nostalgia winner for being established in 1783. Now I don't know if they make alchohol as well as Seagram's, but their Ginger Ale has always been my first choice. Congrats Schweppes, for all your accomplishments -5 Stars
Pennsylvania Dutch-This JB made Birch Beer wasn't terrible just average for a birch beer-3.3 Stars

Dad's-I've seen this JB in my ramblings on the Internet and am glad that I have gotten them even if they're just plastics. These were close to amazing with Root Beer and my second ever Red Cream Soda plus an Orange and Cream. Almost amazing-4.99 Stars

Welch's-Yes, Welch's. Just like the one when you were three. Another in the unwritten sparkling juice section. Not bad, for Red and soda. My only pit peave, too frothy.
Quite good-4.3 Stars

Welch's Sparkling Juices-They were the same as the sodas. 4.3 Stars

Mountain Dew-Mountain Dew. Personally, it's an over sugared, over caffinated, relabeled Lemon-Lime. Weird. (see whole MD collection under Tim's) 2.9 Stars

Pepsi-Probably the most foamous of all sodas. This will be an ongoing project with all the cans and bottles. It is a Cola. One of the best-4 Stars

Shur Fine-These are Shur Save's house brand. I find they have been the best house brand ever! They have the truest if not best tasting sodas ever! The flavors were Ginger Ale, Orange, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Cola, and Black Cherry. Very very good-5 Stars

Wild Oats-If you do find these, back away slowly. It has the worst bite not to mention it tastes terrible too. Lemon and Grapfruit are the flavors and they are also sparkling juices. I had to make it into a kind of martini to drink it -1.9 Stars

Stewart's-Stewart's is more well known than Boylans but is still in the shadows. It had some unique flavors such as Key Lime, but had the usuals like Root Beer, Cream, Orange 'n' Cream, Birch Beer, Grape, Black Cherry, a very good Cherries 'n' Cream, which I spiced with Jones cream soda candy, and the first Ginger Beer I've ever seen or tasted. The taste was slightly sub-par compared to the many sodas I've had so-4.6 Stars

Saranac-Chances are you won't find these ones very easily. These, as are many, produced around where I live: scenic nowhere. And FYI, I will not be collecting their Beers. Down to business. Saranac is one of the truest Root Beers I've ever had. Also, along side theirOrange 'n' Cream, their Sparkling Lemonade is the most refreshing thing I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. Perfect for a hot day, your classic lemonade gets better with carbonation and a touch of added sugar. Kudos Saranac, you get a full-5 Stars

Lion Brewery-All they have is Root Beer but it was quite amazing it is made by the same brewery as Olde Philadelphia. It was the best root beer I've had yet. It gets the JB (explained above) classifaction and-5 Stars

Izze (pronounced who knows how)-First, I'd like to say should you ever see me, I call it "Izzle" (pronounced I-Z_E_L) because for the longest time, I thought it said that. Anyway, right now I have Clementine and Pomegranate. If they had any sugar, they'd taste good. But they're more for the healthy foke. Nonetheless, because of this, I must give them 3.3 Stars

The Switch-Another Izzle but drinkable. Still no sugar but they had much better flavors: Orange Tangerine, and Strwberry Watermelon.Not bad-4 Stars

Flathead Lake Monster a.k.a. Flathead-I found these babies in a gas staion by my Grandmother's house. Another JB, these seemed to come from nowhere. I did some research and found that Flathead Lake Monster is a tourist corporation based on a myth about a lake in Montana. Anyway, the flavors are Black Raspberry, Wild White Grape, Huckleberry, Sour Cherry, and Granny Apple Even though they did a fantastic job, you can sum up the flavors like this; berries left in the sun, grape Kool-Aid, sugar water, cough syrup, and apple juice. Unimpressive base flavors but great in the end-4.5

Jones-Like I've said before, Jones is the best in their own little way. The flavors I have now are Strawberry Lime, M.F. Grape, Blue Bubblegum, Cream Soda, Berry Lemonade, Root Beer, Fufu Berry, Green Apple, and Cherry. Overall, these wern't bad, but for the most part, too sweet. Their flagships; Green Apple, Fufu, and Berry Lemonade which are th only ones that are and some others, were the best. These three were also made into candy. Jones is weird. They have countless holiday flavors and Seattle Seahawk Flavors like dirt, sweat, and astroterf. I have to say-3.5, still too sweet.

Walgreen's-I got this from the same place Tim got his 24:7s. Unlike what they say; location location location, I don't care how many times you say it, cool place to find them, but what a disapointment.The worst Root Beer I ever tasted. Let's see if they do better on other soda flavors -2 Stars

Jones/Halloween Flavors-WAY TO SWEET! Candy Corn and "Gruesome Grape", more like maple syrup and CRAP! Congrats, you get the first-2 Stars

Adirondack-Well, all I have is Selstzers, and personally, I don't know what drugs one can find to make one enjoy a selzter. Since I haven't yet aquired a taste for seltzers, we'll leave it as-Unrated

Sierra Mist-These were highly refreshing, a good summer day drink. An excelant combo of Lemon-Lime and carbonation. Good Job!-4.5 Stars

Wawa-Yet another JB, this Root Beer was quite interesting. This is the house brand of a Wawa gas station and market but it is JB because; I've never seen of another Wawa. They also have Tim's Mach W. Next time your in Phily, you should look this place up
-4 Stars

Sprite-If you don't know Sprite, go shoot yourself right now. Another Lemon-Lime, with a little more carbonation than Sierra Mist making it too much like a seltzer. Not bad though -4.5 Stars

Mug-Mug is another big boy. Yet once again, to much carbonation. Besides their Root Beer, they also have or have had a Cream soda. I'll find it eventually-4 Stars

Clover Valley-This Root Beer was a little sub-par. It was kinda like stale water. I don't know if this is a house brand of not but I don't look forward to the next one -2.8 Stars

A-Treat-Yeah, I don't know how to say it either. It wasn't a terrible Birch Beer. This JB wasn't bad but a little too carbonated. I also have "Big Blue" and (Not Red) Cream Soda. I despised the big blue which was a cotten candy flavor but it smelled exactly like this maple syrup bucket I was in charge of cleaning. The contents were a mysterious black sludge and a dead rat fused to the bucket. I coudln't finish it. Gotta give the Amish some credit though-4.5 Stars

Fanta-Definetly the best Orange I've ever had. Nice flavor balance. Orange has never been my thing but-5 Stars

Food Club-This Root Beer was a house brand, that's it- 3 Stars

Top Pop-I found this at a Manley's Mighty Mart and am not sure who makes it. It is distributed by one of those generic canning companies. Anyway, the Root Beer was phenomenal. A near perfect balance of birchyness, and rootyness. Very good. The Fruit Punch however was not good. It's not the companies fault, it's the flavor's. Kinda like spiced punch. Good and bad but looked foward to the next one-4.8 Stars
RC-Okay, Cola was bad enough until RC got to it. Does anyone recall the Family Guy RC spoof? Well I agree, what a disapointment. You'd think after more than 100 years they'd have gotten somewhere by now, but nope. Aiyiyiyiyiyeee-2.5 Stars

Seagram's-This was a more abrassive Ginger Ale but I'm not complaining. Though nearly unheard of in the soda world, they are big in alchohol, (thus the abrassiveness), so they ARE NOT a JB. Pas Mal-3.9 Stars
Coca-Cola-Now I know you know Coke. This wasn't as good as Pepsi. Another Cola flavor but with a little too much cream of something. Not good, but not bad-4 Stars

Nutrisoda-These are actually the Airforce's soda. Now you may not like them being sodas, infact, Tim and I are still discussing whose they should go to with the energy drink ingredients but nothing else to do with energy. Anyway they were -Calm (Wild Berry and Citron), Flex (Black Cherry and Apple), Immune (Tangerine and Lime), Focus (Mango and Peach), and Renew (Watermelon and Blueberry). These were very good flavors but ended with this weird kettle corn after taste. Not entirely bad-3.5 Stars
Dr. Pepper-These was pretty good. A Cola with Vanilla and Cherry combo with their signature 23 ingredients. But I wonder why is there a diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper. Isn't that just diet Dr. Pepper? Kind of average but unique nonetheless-3.5 Stars

Diet Dr. Pepper-Now I know I don't collect DIETS (deprived in everything tastey [stuff]) but these are and exception because as far as I know the Cherries and Chocolate and Cherries and Vanilla flavors don't come regular. So I am obligated to get them. Anywho, the cherries and choc was a tootsie roll left in one of those maraschino cherrie jars. Edible but YUK! The other was just creamer DP which I appreciate. With the high and the low, the average a-3 Stars
Frozen Run-This JB was a Birch Beer and the company had some eerie fetish with the bears of PA. I hope it was birch beer anyway... Pretty good-4 Stars

Sunkist-One of the better oranges but not as good Fanta. Pretty good-4 Stars

Price Chopper-Price Chopper is my local market. This is their house brand. There is Black Cherry, Seltzer, Ginger Ale, Cream, Cola, Root Beer, Orange, Fruit Punch, Lemon-Lime and Citris Dew (Guess). Good in the beginning, very bad in the end
-2.8 Stars

I'm seperating the sodas from the "Sparkling Juices". Anyway, it was grape soda. 3 Stars

Lorina- This is in the unwritten sparkling juice section. It was pretty good. But carbonated Pink Lemonade, come on people (cool cap though)-3.3 Stars

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